Project Management

Project Management.

Once planning permission and/or building regulations have been clarified. The next step is to instruct your chosen builder and agree on a start date that suits both parties. Once work commences, it is usually the responsibility of the client to project manage his proposed scheme. Builders generally do not like making decisions on behalf of there client due to future comebacks on any problems. This in many cases causes the relationship between client and builder to break down. The Draughtsman would be happy to project manage your project and on various different levels.

Full Management. This type of project management is provided as a complete service as follows. Regular visits to site are carried out; liaising with the builder and ensuring all works are carried out to a suitable standard.  Making sure that the programme is maintained and that the design is met.  Meetings with building control are carried out when required.  Ordering of specialist products from third party companies.  Maintenance manuals would be provided on completion and much more. Fees for this kind of management are structured on the build cost of the project. Part Management. Part project management can also be provided on a day to day basis where visits to site are made when required. The general running of the project in this case would lye with the client. This kind of service would be charged on a per visit basis.

Why use Project Management ? Most of the project management fee should be clawed back by simply making the right decision. If a bad decision is made during the construction process, it can usually cost time and money. If something is built which you later regret or it just simply doesn’t work, then again it will cost time and money to put it right. The biggest problem with self project management is the lack of experience. Nine times out of ten, trades or products are not pre organised in plenty of time or in the right order. If a trade or product is brought in too late, it will usually cost more to organise it at late notice. And that means more money out of the budget. If you are developing for financial gain, these typical problems can make the difference between making or loosing on a project. If you are thinking of bringing in someone to project manage you venture. Please give me a call to discuss the benefits, services and fees that would accompany it.