Planning Permission

Planning Permission




Original House:            The house as it was first built, or as it stood on 1st July  1948 if it was built before that date.

Highway:                      All public road, footpaths, bridleways and byways.

Special Area:               Conservation area, national park, area of outstanding natural beauty and the Norfolk and Suffolk broads.

Volume:                        Measured from external faces.


Consents will be required for the following


  1. Dividing off part of a house for use as a separate dwelling.
  2. Use of a caravan in a garden as a home for someone else.
  3. Dividing off part of a house for business or commercial use.
  4. Providing a parking space for a commercial vehicle or taxi.
  5. Building something that goes against the term of the original planning permission.
  6. Work which might obstruct the view of road users.
  7. Work which will involve a new or wider access to a major road.
  8. Additions or extensions to a flat or maisonette, including those converted from houses, excluding internal alterations which do not affect the external appearance.


House Extensions


  1. An addition which would be nearer to any highway than the nearest part of the original house unless there is at least 20m from the extended house to the highway.
  2. Covering more than half the area of land around the original house with additions or other separate buildings.
  3. An extension to a terraced house or a house in a special area larger than 10%, or up to 50m³ whichever is the greater, of the volume of the original house.4. An extension to any other kind of house larger than 15%, or up to 70m³, whichever is the greater, of the volume of the original house.
  4. An extension which is larger than 115m³.
  5. An extension which is higher than highest part of the roof of the original house.
  6. An extension where any part is more than 4m high and is within 2m of the boundary. (Roof extensions have separate rules).
  7. Any roof extension, loft conversion or dormer window in a special area.
  8. Any extension to a roof slope which face a highway.
  9. Roof extensions which would add more than 50m³ to the volume of the house or 40m³ to that of a terraced house. This allowance is in addition to, but must be deducted from, any other allowances set out above.


Separate New Buildings on the land or around the house


  1. Any building (or structure) to be used other than for domestic purposes or which exceed the condition set out in 1 and 2 (House Extensions) above.
  2. Any building more than 3m high, or 4m high if it has a ridged roof.
  3. Any building on the ground of a listed building or in a special area which would be more than 10m³.


Building a Porch


  1. With an area measured externally of more than 3m³.  
  2. Higher than 3m above the ground.
  3. Less than 2m from a road.


Erecting Fences, Walls and Gates


  1. If a house is a listed building.
  2. If over 1m high where next to a road or over 2, elsewhere.